Salon procedures COVID-19

When you arrive at the Salon for your appointment, please:
• Do not enter the Salon if you feel unwell.
• Do not bring anyone else with you to the appointment, as space is limited.
• If you need to bring coats or bags with you to your appointment, we ask that you keep them with you in the waiting area, please do not use the cloakroom. Your Stylist will give you instructions on where to store your belongings, during your appointment.
• Adhere to the Social distancing rules.
• Use the hand sanitiser provided on entering and leaving the salon.
• Wear the face mask provided to you, by your stylist.
• Take a seat in your Stylists designated waiting area with your personal property. Wait here whilst your Stylist cleans and sanitises their work area after their previous client.
• Refrain from standing near to the reception desk. Rebooking of appointments will be made whilst you are seated in your Stylists chair.
• On leaving the salon sanitise your hands, please wait for your Stylist to open the door for you.
• Unfortunately, during this time we will be unable to offer refreshments as consuming these will require the removal of face masks, which will put both you and us at risk. We will also be unable to offer magazines as we cannot safely sanitise these. Therefore, feel free to bring your own device and tap into our Wi-Fi.
• Children will not be allowed in the salon, unless they have an appointment with a Stylist. In this instance, the child should be accompanied by only one parent and will be required to occupy a single seat with their parent (on parent’s lap). Both Parent and child will be required to wear a face mask.
• For older children that are unable to sit in the same chair as their parent. We ask that the parent waits outside the salon and not in the waiting area, to reduce the number of people in the salon.
• We will be unable to offer a dry trim service, therefore hair will need to be washed in the salon prior to cutting services. We will also no longer be able to trim beards and/or other facial hair.
• Thank you for your co-operation. If we all work together, we will be able to reduce risk, ensuring the salon remains open and is able to offer a valuable service to our Clients.


We understand these are difficult times for everyone. However, we regret to inform you that there will be a price increase for salon services (£5 on ladies and £2 on our gent’s final bill). This increase will be reviewed again in the future and is a result of a number of different factors, to include (not exclusively):
• Stylist reduced client capacity, as a result of introducing safe social distancing protocols
• Introduction of PPE and other equipment and signage for the safety of clients and staff
• Reduction in staff numbers

Please be aware that your hair may need additional work to return it to its pre- lockdown glory. We will not charge you for a restyle. We will only charge you extra for the additional colour needed for a longer root application. However, there may be additional charges for colour correction, as a result of using home colouring products on your hair. Your stylist will discuss this with you during your telephone consultation, when booking your initial appointment.

Thank you for your continued support